Modelling and optimal design of refractories for high temperature industrial applications for a low carbon society

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HeaTt training in Flow Control
“Hub for Employee Advanced Technical Training”

  • Module M1 - General, Online training

  • The module M1 - General explains the market served by Vesuvius, the customers it serves, the product offering and Vesuvius structure, and it provides the basic typical vocabulary for the Main Product Lines. It is available as E-learning on Key Success Factors. It is a pre-requisite to attend this training.

  • Module M2 - Iron & Steel, Vesuvius, Ghlin, March Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10, 2022

  • The objectives of this technical training are to understand the Iron & Steel production processes, understand what are the customers’ requirements, which refractory products are used in the iron and steel making processes and why, and finally learn some terminology used in the industry and in Vesuvius.

Summer School 2022

Summer School 2023

  • TC3: Advanced Computational Mechanics
  • TC4: Constitutive modelling of advanced materials: numerical implementation


  • CS1: Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights
  • CS2: Careers and Communication


  • WS1: State-of-the-art and challenges in constitutive modelling of materials
  • WS2: Material instabilities and modelling of refractory materials


Prof. Andrea Piccolroaz
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